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Your friends are the reason why your broke and miserable.

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Posted: 4 years ago
| Friends

This will come as a shock to most, but believe it or not, the friends in your life are the main reason why your nowhere in life.

Ill some this up in 5 simple reasons

1. Your friends are broke and miserable.

It’s very difficult to be successful in life when the friends in your circle are all in the same situation. I get it you’ve known them for a very long time. You do everything together. But still, let’s take a look at their life. They're working a job they love or hate. Useless or no degrees, they stopped learning at High School. Mediocre savings, One source of income. No active investments, no dreams, and goals but of moving up a ladder. Their dreams are all job and relationship-based. They gossip about everyone. Hell, they may even secretly like you; and will convince you of why you shouldn’t go with anyone or do anything. They’ll tell you whatever just to keep you dependent on them and their advice.

They got nothing going on, absolutely nothing.

2. You listen to your friend's advice

If you have a dream of becoming successful in life. Perhaps you may want to open an online business. So you start planning to do the research. Allocating money needed to get it done. The ball is moving your friends are noticing seeing you less and less. You bring up your dream to them asking for advice. With no surprise they arent to accepting. They may laugh. Tell you someone already has that idea. It’ll fail. It’s going to be hard. You’ll hear it all from the ones you believe are your friends.

If someone has that idea or already doing it. That’s not a reason why you shouldn’t do it those are all reasons, and proven strategies of why you should do it. There's no one brand of cookies, no one model of car no one brand of socks… There are dozens of business all essentially doing the same thing coke and Pepsi both makes drinks hell there are hundreds of other businesses selling drinks.

Never listen to someone less successful or in the same position as you. Youll notice the same theme. That goes mutual for your girl or man your friends and even family. Sometimes you gotta go for it take a risk. Just do a good amount of research and plan truly.

3. You believe your friends are in your best interest

Honestly, most friends like your misery because there miserable themselves. Misery love company. This may be a tough one, but some friends are out for themselves. They talk to you just so they can talk about you. They’ll motivate you but tear you down more. If you go pretty far as into reaching your goals you’ll notice they’ll drop out of your life. Some may return only to benefit from what you accomplished. Then they're gone without a trace, or a thank you., however, they’re extremely happy to have made money off of you talking about how they did it all themselves.

4. You cant think for yourself

I see this time and time again. People just can’t think for themselves. These are honestly the ones you hear saying that there trying to find themselves. You know the ones hoping from major to major unsure of there own talents. Checkered goals and unfulfilled dreams that were suggested by their broke miserable friends. Settled with a degree that turned out to not be for them. Now there a Supervisor at Starbucks or wherever.

Honestly don’t let time past you by listening to your friends. You got to make shit happen. Don't be a sheep. Don’t be that individual who needs guidance on every f-ing detail of there life. You’ll never accomplish a damn thing in your life. Some friends have their agenda and just wanna keep you on their level. I honestly believe if this is you; you don’t know how your voice sounds like. You don’t know your own identity, talents or anything. Everything about you is a collection of every person you kept close to your life. No wonder why your miserable, your not you. No one in life can make you happy, that goes for anyone. This is something only your passion can accomplish.

Separate yourself from everyone. Once I got rid of my “friends” I truly became happy. I got to know myself and I understood that even though I shared similarities I’m vastly different. I finally heard how my voice sounded, it was very unique. I reflected on almost every moment with my former “friends” and understood I had been a copy. A collection of all their motivations and personalities. This mostly benefited them, and I saw when I mentioned my dreams they’d laugh. So I followed them anyway.

5. They are financially incompetent

You wouldn't take financial advice from a homeless man so why take it from a friend who can’t even afford there own rent. Stop taking financial advice from persons who are in the same or worse situation than you. The smart ones will seek advice from the leader of the pack. If I wanted to learn to code I want to learn it from the best books and learning material out. The same goes for trading & investing. Absorb the information from those who started from a similar situation and are now at the top. The advice of this caliber especially financial advice should be from those who are in a position of extreme excellence.

In some cases, the ones you want to learn from may be out of your reach. For instance when I wanted to learn day trading and true money-making skills. I had a few friends I met online who were doing decent. But I was smart and wanted to learn from the best. I knew the chance of meeting them was near impossible and I also knew if I did they’d be unlikely to take time out of their busy lives to help a fan. So I studied every interview they appeared on. All their books, all their videos, their platforms, content videos, programs, YouTube... I learned from every free and paid material I could find. After all, if you wanted to become the best basketball player you wouldn’t learn from your friend or the best player at school. You’d learn from Micheal Jordan, and Lebron James, to name a few. This goes for any skill or dream you want to be the best at. Learn from the greatest, not your friends.

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