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Frugality: Do I take it too far?

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Posted: 2 years ago
| frugal

I’ll start off by saying, yes! Hell yeah, I do, and guess what. A hell of a lot more people in far better positions goes far beyond this. They make me look sane as if what I’m doing is normal. After reading this it’ll be up to you to label me crazy, sane, homeless, or just plain stupid. Ok, ok ok… So let’s take a look at what frugality is and why I may take it too far for the majority of the population.

Frugality: “the quality or state of being frugalcareful management of material resources and especially money” – Webster. Depending on who you are some will have different definitions of this way of living. To me, it’s spending as little as humanly possible no matter the circumstances. Some will argue if you have so much put away (invested/diversified), you trade, invest, resell, have your own business, and have a coding talent that could net you upwards of $100k a year. Why am I living the way I do?

It’s simple. I love living like I’m poor, and looking average. It’s become who I am since my sophomore year of college. Keeping my head down, saying as little as possible, blending in like a chameleon. I’m not a fan of drawing attention to myself, and if you know me. If attention is drawn toward me I leave and relocate. Problem solved... My clothes are simple, cheap, and easy to replace. Zero branding, plain-looking natural earth tones, finding deals whenever I can. I shop at Ross and Amazon mostly. My shirts are average $5 - $15, my pants are never over $40, and cheap underwear, & socks are roughly $3 a piece or pair. My shoes are always Adidas and Timberland ranging from $70 - $200. I don’t wear jewelry or anything flashy. I have 3 used watches 2 Garmins and 1 apple watch ranging from $100 - $300...

I own 1 used car an Audi A4 it's been through some trauma 2 accidents, but will be fixed, and sold at some point to lease a USED Tesla or Prius. Then that car will be transferred to my S-Corp. If you follow me you know I don’t like to own anything. You know from my last blog post I move around often, usually without having a place lined up ahead of time. So to save money I’ll crash at a friend's place, motels, hotels, craigslist rooms, Airbnb, and MY CAR. Although it's rare, I’ll only do this if im unable to find a cheap place quickly, or an available friend right away. Usually, it's never more than 3 – 5 days of arriving at the new location. To my logic FREE is a much better price than those of hotels etc. This isn't safe even for me, so I prefer to utilize friends and methods previously posted in the last post.

To your belief, I’ve gotten this idea from a college friend and millionaire YouTubers worth over $2-$20M Hobo Ahle, BeatTheBush, TechLead... links below.


(3685) Stealth Car Camping in a BMW - YouTube 

(3682) Looking Poor is More Important Than Ever - YouTube 

(3682) How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire - YouTube 

(3685) I Got Caught Working at Amazon Fresh - YouTube 


(3682) How to live in your car and become a millionaire - YouTube 

As of right now I’m currently in Nevada and have a Month to Month 1 Bedroom studio available by the end of this month. As for my personal belongings and tens of thousands worth of custom build equipment. Will all be retrieved myself via U-Haul as soon as the place is available? Crazy as it may sound I’ll hop from several locations to find a decent one I like, so it may get costly sending or retrieving my equipment. I'll be in Nevada at least until Kodoninja and the kodoverse 3+ platforms are stable and promoted. So I’ll be here for a while, soon doing YouTube again. Nevada is a tax safe haven for frugal business owners and persons like myself. So I’ll be restructuring and finding an office here soon for Aviyon.

Now If you're wondering why I left California while still paying for rent. To motel and hobo it out in my car... This may not make sense to most. But it’s to find a simple mundane job anyone can do, and high-level freelance gigs via UpWork. This way I can Interview for the job, secure the job, and look for places here. This process often takes some time, so I end up moving before a place is secured. Which can label me homeless, as it happens every time lol. Mundane jobs are designed to save me from spending my own money (at least I thought). So that money can be reinvested and further diversified to make more money. Soon my portfolios will be public and LIVE on this platform to give transparency (and kodotrading). And yes I don’t spend my money. Even if things get crazy I’ll do everything possible to avoid liquidating my invested funds. I’ll get into the philosophy of this strategy in detail in another article.

Why I don’t get a high-level code job now is mainly due to my current skill set and the amount of time it takes away from getting my own work completed. Often jobs find issues working on your own projects while writing code for them. This is a legal nightmare!!! Thus I’ve been trying to wait until it's stable enough and sensible enough for other coders to help elevate my stress and time needed to build the various platforms.


And yes I’m still an active trader/investor. Still a Chase Private Client. I’m still a part of the Fidelity Private client group,.. e-trade, e-toro, and so on. Again my whole point is to never have to touch money from the investment accounts by all means. Spend from earned and freelance money made from work. It’s getting harder to do this from an average of 9 to 5 so I’ll be finally getting a job in software development again. There are pros and cons to this which we discussed in another post.

Like always If you're having doubts about the well-being of my company. You can search that shit online. It’s a private company, but much information is made public, including an estimate of its worth value and quarterly income. I still own 100%, full equity w/ 10M shares. And… Haha ask me after a year or so how much the shares are worth when all the platforms and adjacent software are stable live and promoted with active users hahaha! Don’t ask now lol...

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