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Terms & Guidelines

1 year ago

Only you , have the true power in protecting and keeping yourself from danger. Please follow our policies, terms & guidelines to ensure a fun and safe environment.
Please do not post anything that will put you in a situation of danger, or anything that will cause you to be banned or suspended .
Please understand that, Any database will retain information to be stored for interaction. (we will review information to obtain your safety.) Note that this is the internet and some things are truly never deleted, hidden Nor can be 100% protected.
We will do our best to ensure the protection of your information and safety.

  1. Everyone is expected not to post of any private information that will otherwise attract harmful or malicious behavior.
  2. Any outside URL's are expected to implement the source or link back to source.
  3. Any outside URL's are expected to come from reputable known locations.
  4. No uploads of any data attached image or doc.
  5. Do not take ownership of any post, reply image you know is not true or didn't belong or originate from you.
  6. No one will ever request personal documents, or information.
  7. Impersonating any person other than yourself will be deleted immediately.
  8. No Tor related nodes, proxies, VPN's, scrapers, bots, or other automated posting or downloading scripts.
  9. There will be no injecting, implementing, modifying, breaching, hacking harmful, or malicious strings, (code) into this site. Any occurrence of this will be deleted and you will be banned.
  10. You will never attempt to enter someone else's profile, or impersonate them. Any occurrence of this will be deleted and you will be banned.
  11. Any advertising or promoting will be done by our rules. Absolutely no referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, etc
  12. Everyone is expected to provide great quality content, post and comments.
  13. Absolutely no posting of content pertaining to jailbait, or anything that could be seen as advocating pornography involving minors.
  14. Absolutely no posting of rape, extreme violence, threats, forcing, death, of any kind. It will be deleted and the user will be subject to being banned.
  15. Any intension of posting any misleading ads, or promoting will result in that ad being removed without refund.

Our policies and terms and other global policies apply everywhere on this site and apps. We reserve the right to revoke ban or delete content, anyone or anything that violates our policies and terms without reason, question or notice.

About us & our Policies

1 year ago

The coding ninja platform was created by dev/eng Emmanuel "kodoninja" Moore as the ultimate guide to Personal Development and financial freedom. Our growing community will help you learn and create new income streams through software development, Investing, day-trading, money management, etc. Our aim is to also get you physically fit, healthy, motivated, and confident to accomplish your daily life. So sit back learn, absorb, and put into practice everything your learning from our platform.

This is a placewere anyone can connect with anyone, to better build relationships on common interest. Any person regardless of having an account may search or troll our database. The signed in users can comment, post, and create topics with their post and hashtags. Become an anonymous celebrity and safely post, search or comment on a interest without preying eyes, or make your name known.

Anyone is welcome to participate to comment, search and post anything, however make sure you read over our policy & terms before you do so. Dismissing our policies may result to a user being banned or temporally suspended. Those of you who don't sign-up and still break the rules may have their ip address permanently banned.

Go anonymous! Logout and comment just note that your ip address is only visible to the administrators.

We hate to ruin your experience with annoying ads and shady social networking. They just take all the fun out of everything, bringing the term “Big brother is always watching” into reality. They're mostly malicious; always tracking, collecting, and making a test subject out of who ever clicks, searches, friending, following etc. We don't track any user involvement, sell any information to third parties, nor will we ever attempt to do so. This is an experience created by you, not us.

We are free of charge and will support our development through ads and promoting. So be sure to promote your post and help keep us alive ;). We're dirt cheap so take advantage of this and build your page. You are not permitted to promote are use our advertising but we will greatly appreciate this. If you decide to promote and advertise, we Thank You in advance and say a deep thanks for keeping our talented developers fed, bathed and clothed.

Help get our tiny development team bigger and your content better. Start promoting and advertising.

We do not disclose your information nor do we create the code to collect and do so. We just mainly collect your ip which helps get you logged on. Remember be mindful of what you post and protect yourself from ongoing threats we have little control over.

If you feel harassed or threatened don't be afraid to block and report that person.

If you have something that needs to be removed or may find offensive please contact us ASAP in your feedback tab or post and we will investigate for removal.

Please note that your voices are heard here if you like a feature to be added or displeased with a feature please contact us in your feedback tab and we will most likely get it created. If you have a general question just shoot us a message we will respond ASAP, after all its each and everyone of you that keep us running.

Security 1 year ago

Only you , have the true power in protecting and keeping yourself from danger. Please follow our policies, terms & guidelines to ensure a fun and safe environment.
Please do not post anything that will put you in a situation of danger, or anything that will cause you to be banned or suspended .
Please understand that, Any database will retain information to be stored for interaction. (we will review information to maintain your safety.) Note that this is the Internet and some things are truly never deleted, hidden Nor can be 100% protected.
We will do our best to ensure the protection of your information and safety.

We will do our best to keep your content safe, and free. Please note that we are still human and you are mainly in control of what you post. Although we do not have many strict limitations of what you post, we just ask that you follow our policy   terms and follow various adopted Internet polices, laws, and acts including those of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

** Upon signing up or browsing please note that we do not ask for your age, thus assuming that you are of a mature and Internet knowledgeable age. User friendly visibility and interaction options will be rushed in future updates.**

*Note that some content will be shown due to our policy, we recommend if you feel uncomfortable that you only search and connect with people or post that you enjoy.

Content visibility and viewer friendly options will be released in future updates.

Profile 1 year ago

This is a place where a user can view and interact with all the content listed below.


These are upon request from a user. Users who are connected has access to both their activity which is alerted in the users feed.


How can I get more connections?

  1. Search in the search bar.
  2. Promote on social media.
  3. Get your friends to join.
  4. promote yourself through out the website and app.


This is a notification area displayed in a dropdown box visible when the user clicks the notification beacon located on the top right of the header.

This will turn green notifying that the user has a notification.

  • connection request are a request from a user who wish to connect with you.
  • The feed allows the user to see any activity between them and their connections.

profile photo

This is a 300x300 image of your choice that further ads personality to your profile page. This is located to the top left of anyones profile page.

banner image

This is a 880x250 image of your choice that further ads personality to your profile page. This is located to the top right of anyones profile page.


How big does this have to be?

  • Dimensions can be found on the placeholder image.

Do I need to add this?

  • No, however there will be a placeholder image until you update your banner.


You can add photos to your page by uploading them in the photos tab or post.


At the moment videos are unavailable but will be added in the next update.


At the moment messages are unavailable but will be added in future updates.


How can I get in contact with someone?

  • Just send them a connection request.
  • simply post a message in there arena.
  • Set post to private.


This is the name you provide at login located on various portions of the website and app.


why not your name?

  • You can do this if you want. Just add this in the settings.
  • 1. under page just select display your (full name) instead of (username) in the dropdown. 2. You must add your name if you want it to show.

Can I use my real name?

  • Sure, but you don't have to.


Verified users will be noticeable on there post and profile page with a symbol next to there usernames. These users will have a higher notice rate among the website.


How do I get verified?

  • Login often
  • post consistently in your arena.
  • Comment and like often

How can I get verified without being so active.

  1. If you are a reputable source contact us and we will make you a verified user.
  2. If we notice that you are posting insightful post we will make you verified.
  3. Get tons of connections.
  4. promote your post often. (at least once a month)

Im famous or known. Does this make me verified?

  1. Yes and No, Just contact us proving your who you say you are then you will become verified.
  2. Proof material may very. We will let you decide what proves you.
  3. No need to send confidential documents.

Is it hard to get verified?

  1. Yes and No.

Do I get any finical kickbacks?

  • At the time, No however this is plausible (most likely) to change in the future.


This is a short little bio about your self located to the left on your profile page beneath your views.


Do I need to add this?

  1. No but it ads personality to your page.

This can be found on the bottom left of mostly any page. Just click the message in the box (feedback box) then enter and send your question.

We will get back to you ASAP (likely the same day) with your question or input below your feedback box.


This is a beacon located in your header that alerts you when you have a connection request or post.


It's located just beneath your profile photo. This lets you see how many people came to your page.


You may choose to block or unblock a user on there profile page located in the nav after clicking (…). You may unblock at anytime.


You may delete your page and content in the settings.


Can I retrieve my account?

  • Yes, just log back in with your last known username and password. If trouble may occur please contact us.

Emoticons 1 year ago

Add some emoticons and symbols to your post to add some flavor. Just type the symbol inside of brackets. Ex. [umbr] will give you a

Courtesy of: Search 1 year ago

Search hashtags, users, photos, post etc. to locate faster and browse.

* Note that updates to the search function are in progress.

Arena 1 year ago

This is where a user would post any comment, photo, message, link, hashtags, etc.

profile photo

The profile photo is unavailable in your post, comments and header. However this will be added in future updates.

private post

This is a post that someone has posted in your arena (or vice versa) that only you and that person can see and interact on.


This allows only the person who posted the post to depict whether its shown to the public or not.


How can I do this?

  1. Post in someone's arena.
  2. Hover over the (…) icon and select private.
(URL)'s / links

Post links and image (URL) links to your page and watch them come alive.

* You can post just about anything just make sure you read our policy   terms prior.

upload photos

You can upload or post these on yours or someone else's post. This can be done with a file or a link (URL) to that image.

At the moment comments to your gallery are unavailable however will be added in the next update.


This is any word or letters that is posted.


These are any words or phrases that began with the # symbol.


How can I find these?

  1. Find them highlighted on someones arena, and click them.
  2. Type #example in the search bar and click enter.

How can I create them?

  1. just type # in front of your word or phrase.

On a post you can comment with text URL's, IMG URLS


On a post you can click like if you like something.


How can I get more likes?

  1. Use #hashtags.
  2. Get more connections.
  3. post awesome stuff.
Trends 1 year ago

These are post and users that have a high amount of likes, views and comments.


Where are these at?

  • These are located in the right sidebar on a page.

How can I get my post trending?

  1. Get allot of likes and comments on you post.

How can I get myself trending?

  1. Get allot of connections, likes and comments to you and your post.
News 1 year ago

These are any current events that are trending mostly related to news.

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