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Justified Minimalism: What it means

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Posted: 3 years ago
| minimalism

Minimalism the art of living solely on what is needed in your life. And what is needed, or considered a need, is completely different per individual. As I look at my life; and everything I own. I again find myself over cluttered. It wasn’t that long ago that I had trimmed down on almost everything I own. Fast-forward a year or so later, I find myself throwing away more of what I own.

Ok so what exactly is justified minimalism? I like to thank it's a minimalist that steps slightly outside the boundaries of traditional minimalism. The traditional minimalist may only own exactly what is needed for them. For instance, they may only have a few articles of clothing. 1 bag, 1 pair of shoes, and so on. Their apartment can be seen as crappy and boring to most.

On the other hand, the justified minimalist will have a lot more things and stuff. YouTubers such as MKBHD and Justin Tse fit this description perfectly. These YouTubers can be seen dressing extremely simply sporting a tee, a hoodie, simple pants, a modest watch, and 1 everyday car. Everything else in their life is utilized towards their business. Separate further, you’ll notice the majority of their assets at least are all business related.

I’m the same way I wear essentially the same thing every day, when I do, it's mainly a tee shirt, sweatpants, Adidas shoes, and a simple watch. My apartment is extremely minimal consisting of my futon, 3 monitor desk setup, posters, 2 lamps, my server, 2 bookshelves, dozens of books, and a printer. Add in my clothes a few kitchen equipment, and business equipment, etc. That’s me, and even that 95% of what I own is all business purchases.

That’s my justified minimalism. I don’t need a server for myself nor an excessive 3 monitor setup, but it's needed for my trading, investing, and coding. A justified reason for stepping beyond the traditional minimalist. It may not seem like much now, but I have to add much more equipment, for various business and product making.

My justified minimalism will be different from others who are minimalist. Everyone has a different reason for its justification of owning a lot. I own 2 pairs of shoes, but some other person may own 20 pairs, but they need each one for specific reasons. Which can be work-related or personal. That can go for just about anything in their possession. And that’s their justified minimalism. Mine like the fellow YouTubers listed above just happens to be tech and business-related.

So you may find yourself having more things than usual on occasion. It’s okay, just remember to only keep what you need and what can be justified for your everyday life. As long as it makes sense to you for your essential needs, go for it. As for me, if it can’t be justified, I’ll just throw it away. Why do you ask? It's to send a strong signal to my brain to not waste my money on that crap again. To stay within the realm of only what's needed, as I do occasionally. You don’t need to take it to this extreme, but find your method to keep yourself from overspending and over cluttering. And make sure everything has a justified purpose for your needs.

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