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welcomeblogMoney3 reasons why you'll never be rich
000 3 reasons why you'll never be rich

3 reasons why you'll never be rich

by kodoninja Posted: 3 years ago

3 reasons why you'll never be richYour not planning; and goal setting. This is the simplest method to get shit done in life. Honestly, it's just planning. Some of the most successful persons on this earth use planning to become more successful. It is so simple yet so many people overlook this. Think of how easy it would be to get things done if you just wrote out the steps. Let’s say you I wanted to be a YouTuber. Now let us plan it.
  1. Pick what kind of channel and topics you want to be focused on. (now)
    1. Motivational/advice, vlogging, tech, coding, reviews, lifestyle, fitness… (My life)
    2. Choose Launch date: (8/1/2020)
  2. Research other channels that are with similar content. (now/ongoing)
    1. Omi in a hellcat
    2. MKBD
    3. Casey Neistat
  3. Research almost everything on successful channels, equipment, editing, content, etc. (now/ongoing)
    1. Filming (2+ weeks studying/online classes)
    2. content
    3. editing (2+ weeks studying/online classes)
  4. Setting
    1. Everywhere, mostly in my office
    2. Design the space layout (7/1/2020 - 7/25/2020)
  5. Equipment (owned)
    1. Laptops/desktops
    2. Monitors
    3. Whiteboards
    4. Everything in the office...
    5. Equipment (to buy)
    6. Cameras
    7. Cannon 4k camera
    8. Stand
    9. Lenses
    10. Batteries
  6. GoPro (gym, biking)
    1. selfie stick
    2. accessory kit
  7. lighting
    1. Softboxes
  8. Drone (areal shots)
    1. Maverik
    2. Accessory kit
  9. Software
    1. Premier
    2. Pick starter topics and locations
    3. Just do it!

You see how easier life has become when its planned step by step, by detail, and my goal date. As time progress, I always add more detail sometimes daily steps to accomplish that one number goal listed. This is all to help eliminate error and derailing. I'll go on to plan out each video, and daily content. Most vlogging will be unscripted by bullets that'll be apart of a checklist. Release dates, guests in videos, etc all will be planned in detail. Use this methodology to get your goals accomplished whether its the road to financial freedom, anything during that day. I plan to the day; honestly, I do that's how I can get so much done so effectively. Try Google Keep. I use it religiously.

  1. You don't deliver
  2. Let's say you do step one you have your goals and your steps in order. Yet things come up again and again. You push back dates. You make so many additions and subtractions to your planning it becomes ridiculous. For some reason even though you planned it to the very hour of each day you just can’t seem to deliver on your promises.

Youll never accomplish anything in your life if you can’t deliver. I get it things come up, still not a valid reason. You’ll be forever broke if you cant move forward. The reason why we plan in steps down to the smallest detail. Is so that we can take it step by step crossing out each one little by little. It feels good to move forward to know that things are being accomplished to reach that goal.

If you're having trouble try making a few sacrifices to get these things accomplished. If you're easily distracted remove yourself from the distractions. Cut out the TV, YouTube, cell, friends, you name it remove it from life temporarily so you can get things accomplished. Try rewarding yourself with something when you cross out a major step on your list.

  1. Excuses & complaints

This is the ultimate reason why you're broke. There are people out there who cannot take accountability for absolutely anything in their life. There's an excuse for everything. These are the people you see with no real accomplishments in life. There lacking in higher education. They stopped learning at high school and does nothing to improve themselves. Or maybe they have a useless degree, can’t find a job; Gave up and decided to be a manager. Leaving behind all their goals and aspirations.

Everyone at some point in life has en courted this person growing up who complains about everything. Trillions of reasons for why they hate someone including their job. Relentless verbal commentaries on their hate rant on someone; Including their bosses. The same people who bust their ass trying to impress their boss and move up the ladder.

The moment you bring up a conversation on success and prosperity they shut it down. They might even yell. Or even worse agree with you to your face, then do anything in their power to stop you. They’ll talk behind your back, waiting for when things may go wrong. Keep your distance from those individuals, nothing short of a hey. And never take anything they say to heart. Failure can turn you into something terrible. Let drowning people drown, misery loves company. You're never too old or too dumb to be successful.


Always improve, never stop learning. Never let yourself stray away from your goals. Life is so simple when you plan out the steps trust me I was in a similar situation. But I always kept my goals in front of me. I came back to my plans polished them up made them a little more realistic. And working through those hurdles that stopped me. Feel free to always come back to a step. For me, Full-Stack app and web building can be complex alone. I always ran into something that halted me. So I regrouped developed scrum boards, researched and made a plan for those issues. I never gave up, I refuse to make excuses. If I couldn’t figure it out I accomplished over steps and moved on intending to return to that step.

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