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3 reasons why you'll never be rich by kodoninja 2 months ago | Money |  (moneyfinancialfreedom)
000 3 reasons why you'll never be rich
Your not planning; and goal setting. This is the simplest method to get shit done in life. Honestly, it's just planning. Some of the most successful persons on this earth use planning to become more successful. It is so simple yet so many people overlook this. Think of how easy it would be to get things done if you just wrote out the steps. Let’s say you I wanted to be a YouTuber. Now let us plan it. Pick what kind of channel and topics you want to be focused on. (now) Motivational/advice, vlogging, tech, coding, reviews, lifestyle, fitness… (My life) Choose Launch date: (8/1/2020) Research other channels that are with similar content. (now/ongoing) Omi in a hellcat MKBDCasey Neistat Research almost everything on successful channels, equipment, editing, content, etc. (now/ongoing) Filming (2+ weeks studying/online classes) contentediting (2+ weeks studying/online classes) Setting Everywhere, mostly in my office Design the space layout (7/1/2020 - 7/25/2020) Equipment (owned) Laptops/desktops Monitors Whiteboards Everything in the office... Equipment (to buy) Cameras Cannon 4k camera Stand Lenses Batteries GoPro (gym, biking) selfie stick accessory kit lighting Softboxes Drone (areal shots) Maverik Accessory kit Software Premier Pick starter topics and locations Just do it! You see how easier life has become when its planned step by step, by detail, and my goal date. As time progress, I always add more detail sometimes daily steps to accomplish that one number goal listed. This is all to help eliminate error and derailing. I'll go on to plan out each video, and daily content. Most vlogging will be unscripted by bullets that'll be apart of a checklist. Release dates, guests in videos, etc all will be planned in detail. Use this methodology to get your goals accomplished whether its the road to financial freedom, anything during that day. I plan to the day; honestly, I do that's how I can get so much done so effectively. Try Google Keep. I use it religiously.You don't deliverLet's say you do step one you have your goals and your steps in order. Yet things come up again and again. You push back dates. You make so many additions and subtractions to your planning it becomes ridiculous. For some reason even though you planned it to the very hour of each day you just can’t seem to deliver on your promises.Youll never accomplish anything in your life if you can’t deliver. I get it things come up, still not a valid reason. You’ll be forever broke if you cant move forward. The reason why we plan in steps down to the smallest detail. Is so that we can take it step by step crossing out each one little by little. It feels good to move forward to know that things are being accomplished to reach that goal.If you're having trouble try making a few sacrifices to get these things accomplished. If you're easily distracted remove yourself from the distractions. Cut out the TV, YouTube, cell, friends, you name it remove it from life temporarily so you can get things accomplished. Try rewarding yourself with something when you cross out a major step on your list.Excuses & complaintsThis is the ultimate reason why you're broke. There are people out there who cannot take accountability for absolutely anything in their life. There's an excuse for everything. These are the people you see with no real accomplishments in life. There lacking in higher education. They stopped learning at high school and does nothing to improve themselves. Or maybe they have a useless degree, can’t find a job; Gave up and decided to be a manager. Leaving behind all their goals and aspirations.Everyone at some point in life has en courted this person growing up who complains about everything. Trillions of reasons for why they hate someone including their job. Relentless verbal commentaries on their hate rant on someone; Including their bosses. The same people who bust their ass trying to impress their boss and move up the ladder.The moment you bring up a conversation on success and prosperity they shut it down. They might even yell. Or even worse agree with you to your face, then do anything in their power to stop you. They’ll talk behind your back, waiting for when things may go wrong. Keep your distance from those individuals, nothing short of a hey. And never take anything they say to heart. Failure can turn you into something terrible. Let drowning people drown, misery loves company. You're never too old or too dumb to be successful.CONCLUSIONAlways improve, never stop learning. Never let yourself stray away from your goals. Life is so simple when you plan out the steps trust me I was in a similar situation. But I always kept my goals in front of me. I came back to my plans polished them up made them a little more realistic. And working through those hurdles that stopped me. Feel free to always come back to a step. For me, Full-Stack app and web building can be complex alone. I always ran into something that halted me. So I regrouped developed scrum boards, researched and made a plan for those issues. I never gave up, I refuse to make excuses. If I couldn’t figure it out I accomplished over steps and moved on intending to return to that step.
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10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor by Kodoninja 2 months ago | Money |  (#money)
000 10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor
Your good at your job.Being good at your job can be a devastating thing. Why? Because it keeps you there. It keeps you blind to your dreams; blind to your goals and your passions. You ever try to bring up your goals and ambitions to your higher-ups? Right. They get extremely evasive they're quick to change the subject.They want you stupid to the outside world where all your dreams can happen and enslaved to your job. If you are good at your job. You’ll get a raise, a promotion, maybe even some useless company mech; food, employee of the month, etc. You get comfortable, you get dumb month after month as you consistently make higher-ups more money. Before you know it your manager at McDonald's thinking you made it in life. HAHAHA dumbass!You are expendableEveryone believes there special? Everyone believes there unique in some fashion. Well... you are. You are unique and special, filled with magnificent dreams. Unfortunately, your job sees you as a tool, a tool they can use, discard, and replace if needed. There are over 7 billion people on this earth. If your job doesn't even require a degree to get in the door and you think your special to your job. Get real. Even if your job is of the elite. Requiring real-world experience, non useless degrees, and extreme training and talent. Just know threes always someone better and more qualified.A year later your financial situation hasn’t changedThis can go many ways. You’ve been there for a while with the same amount of assets and money to your name from when you started. Your literately standing in one place in life. Even worse you get a promotion or raise; your making more money and you still broke. Still with the same things to your name.They gave you a raiseCool, you make a bit more money now. And I can bet you if you made double that you'll still be broke. Don’t let a raise convince you to stay there. You'll end up miserable complaining a few months down the line that you need a higher income. That you can’t pay your bills etc. What's even worse you'll be like the few working 6 figure jobs and can't afford to pay their bills. MORONS Way more on this and financial literacy later.You've been working there for yearsThis is a no brainier you've been there for years. Why? Why on earth are you there for years? Is it a lack of education? Fear of failure. Are you working hard thinking you’ll move up at your job? Whatever it may be, if its not you putting money away for investments, paying for a better education your wasting your life. If you're still at your first job and your 25, or older. Run for the hills! Before you know you’ll be in your 30’s 40’s still there, stick in a relationship with someone you work with. Billions of people out there and you pick someone you see in a bubble. The world is vastly filled with money-making avenues left and right. Millionaires are made every day. But here you are loving your job...You believe your job cares about youThis is a fun one. The short answer is they do. Yeah! Believe it or not, some jobs love their employees. And they’ll do everything to keep you stupid and happy. Perks benefits 401(k) you name it. Where a great place for you to forget your dreams in life and come make money for our benefit. We’ll give you useless RESTRICTED stock options. Where we tell you when to buy or sell its common stock you don’t know the difference. You see stock and you think yeah!!! I'll stay the year it takes to get the stock then stay even longer to figure out that I'm never going to be in the ballpark of a millionaire.They tell you what to do, boss you around treat you like your scum on earth. Or best yet treat you nice and treat you like a human. Whatever the case its years of perfected conditioning designed to get you to work harder better, and more efficiently.And honestly, some places treat you like dirt, they don't care if you stay or leave, there's tons more where you came from and your no different than any other person that applied. Please believe anyone can be trained to do the task that you are doing. Regardless of your good at it or not.They reward youYour job sells clothes maybe they'll give you a shirt, if its direct sales you most likely get discounts, almost on any job they have some kind of common perk they give to every person that works there. It’s all designed to keep you happy, keep you there, working very hard, stupid and enslaved to that job. So don’t get caught up, be aware and have an exit planningThey walk all over you and your still thereThis is a serious one. Your job or career treats you like absolute shit! They give demands, point, yell, sometimes even scream at you. So why on earth are you still there? You don't have to put up with that believe there are better options out there for you.You have single itusDon’t kill yourself over a job. Seriously, it’s just a job. You hear every so often of someone who has lost there job and suddenly there life is over. They either take it themselves or let it destroy their life. And shamefully you hear of those who have lost their home, their car, wife, you name it just over their job or career. Why is that exactly? Well, its because we let it happen. We let this a situation that should have been planned in accordance destroy ourselves. But first, let’s address this.There are hundreds of thousands of jobs and career outlets out their more and more added every year. Why is it so difficult for most to comprehend this. A person loses a job there suddenly throwing tantrums, appealing, arguing, etc. Why stress out? Why create such a scene when you can just simply say “It’s been a pleasure” and leave with the greatest attitude and smile of your life. Hell! You should be jumping for joy. This is your opportunity to level up with a better career. You know there is always another job around the corner. After all, you have the experience.But what kills you, is that you never planned for the worst-case scenario. You let this shit destroy you. News-Flash! Just as there are hundreds of thousands of jobs out there, just remember there are billions of people hungry for a job. Never forget that. Jobs are the greatest bachelors they always have options, stacks of resumes on their desk, hundreds of applicants a month. You can be replaced at any moment's time, and HR couldn’t care less about you.But since you planed your like Deuces! You’ve already moved on because your smart, you knew this will happen someday. You kept your skills sharpened, always improving. Sought for higher educations, YouTube, certifications, free courses, etc. You’ve been investing. You have a bit of a cushion for emergencies. You have other income streams so you're not relying on that cushion. You've been working on your own business. There are many things you kept in your arsenal. And you're not living beyond your means. You’ve been saving $2 for every $3 made spending only $1. Your expenses are not 90% - 120% of your check or salary. You're in a great position.The moment you’ve left your already applying for other jobs. You kept it moving.Your given false hopeJobs can string you along, I think we’ve all been there in some shape or form. They may not say it directly but they give you the impression of lateral moves. They may mention higher positions and nod you of next in line. So your dumb enough to keep kissing ass, and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond. Don't let months pass you by hoping for a promotion. Some of you are so special that you’d keep working hard (for years) with no raise, no promotion, just praise. Why? Why waste your life still being in the same spot you were when you started.ConclusionTime is special work on yourself. Improve your education, save, invest, own… Start making those money moves while your employer makes money off of you. Have a vision. Start planning the steps to get you out of that place. I get it you have bills, student loans, etc. But all those are excuses you throw in your mind to convince yourself why a job is a good place to work. Put aside some money start looking into avenues you can put your money in to start making money. There’s so much out there everything from selling t-shirts to drop shippingIf your struggling in at a starter job, no stress I was there as well. Plan save! Save! Save! I’d start making more money first. Get a trade or certification that can help you make more. If your into computer science or liked to learn. Narrow it down pick an avenue watch youtube videos, tutorials. Start creating your portfolio to make some apps, make websites, challenge yourself. Employers love this. Peruse a degree, do a few FREE courses, and boot camps. Also, look into trading, investing, dropshipping, etc. the world is your oyster.
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Make sure your girl has her own money by kodoninja 2 months ago | Money |  (#money #girls #dating #goals)
000 Make sure your girl has her own money
I'm going to sum this up into 5 reasons why should always with no exception; date a broke b!^$h. Your trigger warning has been set. This will offend everyone I’m sorry.1. They’re depended They love what you can do for them. Everyone has encountered someone in life who isn’t being the best they can be. They tend to be that leech stuck to you. You’ll have to set them on fire to get rid of them. They look to you for anything serious in life, and you’ll notice a look of fear when you hit a bumpy road. 2. They lack true drive and motivationsIf someone that close isn’t taking the steps they need to reach their goal. They become that person listed before. They're so dependent on you in life; that they’ll abandon any hope of returning to there own goals. The true drive comes from a person's self-love and respect. A strong woman would have their own goals. There own morals of spending there own money and motivating there own dreams of financial freedom. wouldn’t it be poetic if you had a girl right by your side who not only motivates you to grow? But they can take your advice and words as fuel to do just as well in life as you. You both can plot and scheme together of becoming ultra-successful. This isn’t that you both are in business together. This can be beneficial and dangerous at the same time; more on that later. But I’m talking about, you have your own business she’s not apart of. And she has her own business that you are not apart of. You both can have a nonargumentative conversation on MONEY, stocks you’ve purchased, investments, bonds, dividends… Planning out how you can both expand and conquer new territories. Ditch that girl if she isn’t what I just mentioned. If shes plotting her success has it all planned out. And shes acting on it then id probably keep around a bit more to see if she pulls through. Just make sure she doesn't turn out to be #5 on the list; If she does, deuces. No drive and motivations will rub off on you and she’ll drag you by your balls down to her level. Then leave when you're at her level. You can’t slingshot from each other if she isn’t out there financial grinding like you are.3. They’re a Gold diggerYour girl has no money, a piece of shit car works at McDonald's, living paycheck to paycheck… The list goes on and on. These are sometimes the ones you see at the gym; you know the ones everyone sees at the gym. And the ones every guy around town knows. Wearing a piece of material showing off every detail they possibly can. Doing those workouts just to be seen, wearing makeup and revealing clothes just for the attention. Look deeper that’s a trap. They may have goals, they have their motivation. There dream of becoming an Instagram or makeup model. The same goals every girl these days have. Every post on social media is thirst traps. Meanwhile, they can barely afford rent, star employees at McDonald's. The only thing that's moving them forward is likes, your attention, and your money. They only work that hard on there body so they can pull the best they can get. Those are their true motivations. It’s so obvious to stay away from the gold digger but yet it’s so hard. Even Kanye fell, but at least he got the prenup and she has her own money. In that case ahhhhh... go for it. But realistically these girls are dating everyone, they love to be seen, to party, trying out different pipes to see which fits the best. A pipe here a pipe there everywhere a pipe pipe. Hell, our media promotes and liberates the piping lifestyle, yolo. This is dangerous, get tested! They’re always on the market looking out for the pipe with the deepest pockets, swinging from one pipe to the next. At the wall and 30, she’s ready to settle down. Ok, let me stop. I'm right, sometimes a gold digger is f-ing Autobot in disguise. Making you believe she’s this hard-working virtuous woman who has her own goals and motivations. Test her morals challenge her dreams and goals. Run some background checks. You know; the kind that only the neighborhood and her best friend would know. If 80% of her friends are guys and she's best pals with her exes. Ha! Say no more, deuces! Honestly be careful everyone is an Autobot and Decepticon. The best we can do these days is take a similar Kane approach. These are:- She at least has her own money- She’s 4.5 out of the 5 listed here- She has her own goals and motivations- She's killing it in life or intends to- A prenup, hide your assets- Never put your trust in anyone- Do you (real) research, ask around- Have an exit plan- Pipe her well, hope for the best- Always keep your dreams & goals #14. They’re resentful You become their rival and enemy unknowingly. She’ll hide it so well. Smiling to your face edging you forward making you honestly believe she’s in it for your best interest. Nope, she’s waiting on the chance of it failing. So you can stay in the place she became so comfortable with. Your out here getting things accomplished meanwhile she's looking at her life, her friends, her car if she has one, her discounts at McDonald's, her boss and thinking. “Damn”. So she ain’t haven’t it with you. We either both gonna be broke, or both gonna be successful. Those are her only two options. And she ain’t getting successful on her own. Hint she’s #5 on the list. And she’s on to the next pipe after she has done draining and benefiting from yours. And if she has a nice car etc. with nothing adding up on how she got it. Well, she just got finish draining baller Dave, and every other guy she did maintenance on. She fell flat on her dreams, she couldn’t follow through shit happened whatever it maybe it didn't happen. And for some reason, she gave up. Don’t waste your time trying to save an [email protected] It takes an extremely strong person to rise above failure to be well in life. A person in that situation is just going to resent and drive a knife through your spine. The more success you achieve the more these spiteful emotions increase the deeper that knife goes. In some cases the girl will look at her life, see where she’s at; reflect and make the changes necessary to reach her goals. If that happens amazing. Just remember the majority of women today are brought up being taught that the man is a source of income. Look good, lie, manipulate to get the best-looking pipe after they’ve had the greatest run; Running the most successful pipe cleaning and maintenance business in the neighborhood. Child support, alimony, lawyer fees, etc its all designed for the women. 5. You are their chance for successAlright, the moment we’ve been waiting for #5. Gentlemen, she is your chance for success. You are the one she's been waiting for more. A successful man she can use to propel herself into ultra-new heights and stardom. Maybe she has her goals, you know, look good find the best lighting, the best angles. Dropping serious cash on the best makeup, lip fillers, bags, shots, and touch-ups. And mastered the art of filters and photoshop. She's doing ok for herself. Tons of potential pipes on standby, she gets attention, likes, she has followers and a growing fan base. But you have a Hummer. You have a successful social media and a booming YouTube. Her prayers have been answered. Next thing she’s on your platforms, your showing her off not knowing what's going on. Hell, she even has you shouting out her channel, and social media if she has them. If she doesn’t have social media she might want to get started. S-o she has something to fall back on, while she's looking for the next pipe. Or maybe she just likes being with you because of your success and she can be the #1 listed above. She may have a nice job and she also loves having a successful man who gives her what she wants if she wants it. Your her trophy man and her motivation to see what else is out there. She got a taste of premium piping and now she wants to open up a business for the more affluent; In an even better neighborhood. Because hell if she pulled you she can pull an even better one after your drained. CONCLUSION I know I know not all women are like this I get it. I'm only accounting for 99.999999...% of ladies out there. I’ve met women who are of that -1%. Hell, I know a few ladies near San Francisco and in the OC like this. And they're my type, ironically they’re the types that typically like me. These are the types I make time for. I f-ing love a woman who has her own money, her own brain, her own goals, her own car, her own place. I’m not talking about a supervisor or manager but actual success. Or they can even do that. Being a clerk, or assistant just not a McDonald's employee; running a few side businesses. They have their own plan and schemes for tackling the stock market and any other risky/bold endeavors. They love success and they love challenging, learning and improving themselves. There a lady, I find sexy and attractive, very positive, helpful and tells it to me straight. Not easily distracted. Knows how to turn down all the rusty pipes and free services. Not a neighborhood celebrity and a known th-t in the clubs, at work and college. They're at the gym working on making themselves a 10 in their own way, but they rarely show it all off. There conservative in every way. They love entrepreneurship and live it themselves. My success challenges them, there’s challenges mine. They aim to do better and want me to be even better. Settling is not an option for both of us. She can buy anything she needs; if she wants or needs it. She doesn’t have to be rich but she needs to want to be there, aims and stops at nothing to get there (without me). A Millionaire mindset for sure.
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Is 8 hrs of sleep the reason why your broke? by kodoninja 2 months ago | Sleep |  (sleep wealth money)
000 Is 8 hrs of sleep the reason why your broke?
If you're doing well in life, you're reaching your goals; already having a plan and schedule that works for you. This isn't for you. This is for the broke people, unable to find the time, and unable to sacrifice a little to reach a larger goal. Studies show the AVERAGE person needs 8 hours of sleep to function properly. That’s 16hrs left in your day. The average person works a 9 to 5 leaving you with 8hrs left in your day. That’s not a whole lot of time to make something happen in your life. But I digress. If you still have 8hrs left you're better off than most. Let’s factor in the commute to and from work, school, errands, hobbies, outings, relationships, friends, family, TV, social media,… Yep, there goes your dreams and your future.24hrs day – 8hrs sleep = 16hrs day16hrs day – 8hrs work = 8hrs day8hrs day – (work, school, relationships, ... TV) = ???So many things can be factored in, but statistically speaking the lives of most people revolve around work and sleep. Even worse some may even have two jobs! But that's a topic for another post. So to put it bluntly. Yes. Your broke because you love your sleep. And let’s be honest most of us dream even to have that much sleep. Hahaha, it’s sad but we still yearn for that American dream.Your working months-years later what do you have to show for it? Your well-rested and what to you have to show for it? It’s not just sleep as you can read. It goes deeper. But rest ashore no pun attended. You can still reach that American dream and more importantly FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I get about 1-4 hours of sleep Sun-Thr and no sleep Fri-Sat. I have a full-time job career, school, trading, investing, coding, gym, running my own business... I couldn’ t be happier, I’m also very alert. I get all this accomplished because I sacrifice like crazy, and I kinda cheat too. In my case I put dating on hold, I have no kids, and that's about it for me. I still manage to get all the other WANTS as well. M secret I MULTI-TASK.Gym = (Youtube, music)Coding = (ConclusionEvery person is different so you have to see what can be eliminated and what sacrifices need to be made. I cut out sleep, everything & everyone to reach my goals. Some of you may even find a way to get your 8hr sleep and be successful. More power to you. I get it to sleep is important; and so is financial freedom, I like many other successful people before I went for all-nighters, no friends, little sleep, planning… all to reach my goals.
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