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3 reasons why you'll never be rich by kodoninja 1 year ago | Money |  (moneyfinancialfreedom)
000 3 reasons why you'll never be rich
Your not planning; and goal setting. This is the simplest method to get shit done in life. Honestly, it's just planning. Some of the most successful persons on this earth use planning to become more successful. It is so simple yet so many people overlook this. Think of how easy it would be to get things done if you just wrote out the steps. Let’s say you I wanted to be a YouTuber. Now let us plan it. Pick what kind of channel and topics you want to be focused on. (now) Motivational/advice, vlogging, tech, coding, reviews, lifestyle, fitness… (My life) Choose Launch date: (8/1/2020) Research other channels that are with similar content. (now/ongoing) Omi in a hellcat MKBDCasey Neistat Research almost everything on successful channels, equipment, editing, content, etc. (now/ongoing) Filming (2+ weeks studying/online classes) contentediting (2+ weeks studying/online classes) Setting Everywhere, mostly in my office Design the space layout (7/1/2020 - 7/25/2020) Equipment (owned) Laptops/desktops Monitors Whiteboards Everything in the office... Equipment (to buy) Cameras Cannon 4k camera Stand Lenses Batteries GoPro (gym, biking) selfie stick accessory kit lighting Softboxes Drone (areal shots) Maverik Accessory kit Software Premier Pick starter topics and locations Just do it! You see how easier life has become when its planned step by step, by detail, and my goal date. As time progress, I always add more detail sometimes daily steps to accomplish that one number goal listed. This is all to help eliminate error and derailing. I'll go on to plan out each video, and daily content. Most vlogging will be unscripted by bullets that'll be apart of a checklist. Release dates, guests in videos, etc all will be planned in detail. Use this methodology to get your goals accomplished whether its the road to financial freedom, anything during that day. I plan to the day; honestly, I do that's how I can get so much done so effectively. Try Google Keep. I use it religiously.You don't deliverLet's say you do step one you have your goals and your steps in order. Yet things come up again and again. You push back dates. You make so many additions and subtractions to your planning it becomes ridiculous. For some reason even though you planned it to the very hour of each day you just can’t seem to deliver on your promises.Youll never accomplish anything in your life if you can’t deliver. I get it things come up, still not a valid reason. You’ll be forever broke if you cant move forward. The reason why we plan in steps down to the smallest detail. Is so that we can take it step by step crossing out each one little by little. It feels good to move forward to know that things are being accomplished to reach that goal.If you're having trouble try making a few sacrifices to get these things accomplished. If you're easily distracted remove yourself from the distractions. Cut out the TV, YouTube, cell, friends, you name it remove it from life temporarily so you can get things accomplished. Try rewarding yourself with something when you cross out a major step on your list.Excuses & complaintsThis is the ultimate reason why you're broke. There are people out there who cannot take accountability for absolutely anything in their life. There's an excuse for everything. These are the people you see with no real accomplishments in life. There lacking in higher education. They stopped learning at high school and does nothing to improve themselves. Or maybe they have a useless degree, can’t find a job; Gave up and decided to be a manager. Leaving behind all their goals and aspirations.Everyone at some point in life has en courted this person growing up who complains about everything. Trillions of reasons for why they hate someone including their job. Relentless verbal commentaries on their hate rant on someone; Including their bosses. The same people who bust their ass trying to impress their boss and move up the ladder.The moment you bring up a conversation on success and prosperity they shut it down. They might even yell. Or even worse agree with you to your face, then do anything in their power to stop you. They’ll talk behind your back, waiting for when things may go wrong. Keep your distance from those individuals, nothing short of a hey. And never take anything they say to heart. Failure can turn you into something terrible. Let drowning people drown, misery loves company. You're never too old or too dumb to be successful.CONCLUSIONAlways improve, never stop learning. Never let yourself stray away from your goals. Life is so simple when you plan out the steps trust me I was in a similar situation. But I always kept my goals in front of me. I came back to my plans polished them up made them a little more realistic. And working through those hurdles that stopped me. Feel free to always come back to a step. For me, Full-Stack app and web building can be complex alone. I always ran into something that halted me. So I regrouped developed scrum boards, researched and made a plan for those issues. I never gave up, I refuse to make excuses. If I couldn’t figure it out I accomplished over steps and moved on intending to return to that step.
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2022 Hummer resurrects with an 11500lb-ft EV by kodoninja 1 year ago | Car |  (#hummer #ev #eletric #newhummer #h4)
000 2022 Hummer resurrects with an 11500lb-ft EV
You heard right Hummer is making a triumphant return to markets in 2022, since its departure in 2009. It’s been over a decade since GM’s last Hummer installment; the H3. The new Hummer EV seems to be under the GMC label. A brand is known for its superior builds, high performance, and precision vehicles.Although we don’t know much about the super truck, we’ll take a look at what we do know. Comparing it against the most hyped vehicles coming. What we do know:Comparing popular EV’sVehicleHummer EVTesla CybertruckRivian RITBollinger B2Horsepower1,000HPn/a750HP614HPTorque11,500 lb-ftn/a829 lb-ft668 lb-ftSpeed: 0-603 seconds6.5/ 4.5/ 2.9 seconds3 seconds4.5 secondsWhat we don’t know:Range?250+/ 300+/ 500+400+200Motor?Single/ Dual/ TriQuadDualTowing?7,500/ 10,000 / 14,00011,0005,0001 – 7,500Price?$39,900 - $69,900$69,000$125,000The big stand out that will capture most headlines is that insane 11,500 lb-ft of torque. I believe this should be taken with a grain of salt. This would be wheel torque multiplied by a drive ratio multiplied through all the drive and gear ratios. An honest answer can be pulled from the electric motor which I believe should be a combined 1,000 – 1,200 lb-ft of torque. This is a more accurate estimate given the 1,000HP which equates to 4 motors (250HP) in each wheel.Hummer enthusiasts and life long fans have always remained supportive as Hummer’s brand popularity slowly crawled back into the spotlight. A brand formally is known for its excessive gas usage, size, and symbol of wealth. It still has a cult following that has only been growing. I planned to get both my Hummers converted over to a Hybrid eventually. Conversion kits and other companies are converting more and more large vehicles over proving this market is in high demand.It was recently reported that GM will pump life back into its Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant; With a $2.2 billion investment this year in 2020. It appears that this will be a completely dedicated plant geared towards the manufacturing of electric vehicles. Also May 20th of this year it plans to do a further unveiling of this now highly anticipated vehicle. Lebron James has featured in a 30 second TV spot with the super truck this super bowl. This is exciting to hear that GM is betting the majority of its chips on the Hummer brand.Although we’ve only seen the grill of the truck thus far it is telling us quite a bit. The Hummer brand name seems to be fully visible with a futuristic look. A look that captures the essence of the Hummer. It appears to have lighting effects indicating the truck could feature a resounding amount of tech with its luxury line up.Now the question for me is; which do I choose? Hummer EV or Tesla Cyber Truck
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Never date a girl posting provocative selfies by kodoninja 1 year ago | Living |  (#dating #girls #time)
000 Never date a girl posting provocative selfies
All-day she's posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and just about any other hoe enabled platform. And no shes not posting anything of value. Just empty promiscuous bullshit with her wearing “sexy” clothes and a dumb-ass pose. So I’ll break this down to 5 simple reasons why you should never touch or entertain these types. This only goes for 90% of the social media population so if the shoe fits I apologize in advance. Trigger warning: There are some women out there who are talented, with multiple things going on for themselves; Intelligent, independent, hard-working, and successful. This isn’t for the go-getter, the strong morals and goal-oriented women. As for the rest of you know who you are and you fit the description. 1. They aren’t special Seriously they aren’t special. There are over3.6 Billion women on the planet some of which have talent, unique and provide value to themselves and society. Respect for the real women that still exist today. Real women aren’t on Instagram all day posting photos of themselves. Most of the girls today believe there special from Millions of others on FB, IG, SC, etc. that all do the same thing. They’re all fake, dumb, and trying to be the same Insta-hoe. If every girl is posing with the same empty bullshit written below how can they be special. Every girl is going for the same look and some do it better. Not every girl is a Kardashian, and the fakes can be seen a mile away. Every girl these days is trying to be the next Kardashian. These are the role models of today. Representing the fake culture, the heavily altered fake representation of how girls should look, act, and display themselves today. Competing for the look, social proof, most likes, biggest ass, most dramatic, smallest waist, body counts, etc. Girls can be working at McDonald's making a few bucks an hour and with the power of the bathroom mirror and their cell phone, they can now be sexy. It’s all a joke. They go to so much trouble and time trying to be someone else. Trying to be the same basic bit#* that every guy around town knows. The time that can be spent on improving themselves and their goals. They choose not to, they live for the attention like everyone else. They are to never be trusted. 2. Maybelline, Filters, and Photoshop Bruh! it ain’t real, these girls have to spend hours a day painting on their faces just to be accepted. The most average and basic girl today doesn’t need to be attractive. They just need the magical abilities of Maybelline and filters. These girls are afraid to show their actual face in public that’s why they paint one on. There are girls I’ve dated and to this day I’ve never seen how they look like. Gallons of makeup an average body and the help of some clothes suddenly every girl today thinks they're the most beautiful creature that’s ever existed. Add in some filters and a few touch-ups and suddenly they think they're a supermodel. They get a lot of likes, compliments, and comments and now they believe they're valued. They honestly believe that they’re hot shit. Forgetting the fact that they had to paint their face, filter and photoshop themselves for the attention. It’s hysterical to know that girls out today are an illusion. Most are average at best, and some aren’t even remotely in shape. Good lighting, makeup, a decent pose, and a filter and now they can fool the world that there attractive. The guys only like the photo because they like the fake attractive girl that was created not you. 3. Insecure & miserable They need attention, they need to feel like they're beautiful when deep down inside they know they aren’t. Most if not all the women are very attractive but they still need to hear it 24/7 from guys the wouldn’t give a chance to. If they stop getting the attention; they go through withdrawal and slowly die. They love the feeling of free attention from guys. Even knowing that the guys are just as much of a loser as they are. These girls are riddled with issues and false superiority complexes. Online they may look like they have it together, in person as you speak to them to sound as if they're doing ok. But deep down inside they are a disaster barely held together. Their Insecurities run rampant day to day always coming up with new poses and things to say with there attention-seeking pics. Some girls take it to the extreme getting surgery, implants and many other body modification methods for more attention. Not all can afford to do this but I bet if they had the money they’d jump at the opportunity to get it done. Twitch & YouTube are overrun with many nontalented girls gaming horribly. Their tits are out for attention speaking about nothing. Soaking up all the attention and comments they can get. Today has never been so easy for anyone to get immediate gratification from anyone anywhere anytime. No matter how your feeling you can whip out your phone post something provocative receiving all the attention you need. The problem is it’s never enough attention or DM’s for anyone. Girls get high off of it, they live to be felt great from others. But it doesn’t last very long, then they're back to feeling unwanted and depressed. 4. She’s a hoe If she’s always posting photos of herself there’s something off. Not including if she ever posts a club photo, house party, alcohol, etc. This is a major red flag. I’ll immediately cut someone off if I get the impression that this person may be a hoe. If she needs to post dozens of photos of herself a week. If she needs the likes and comments from others to boost her self-esteem; that’s my cue to cut her off. If I’m already following and are “friends” with this person I stop communicating with the person. For me, I take the time to remove any trace I ever communicated with them. Any likes, comments, messages all gone all deleted. I’d never delete or block the person, I’ll just wait for that person or manipulate them to delete me. I’d suggest you’d do the same these girls will all end the same, and never be thereafter she gets bored of being a hoe. NEVER let this person into your life. Remember there are Billions of other women to be with. If you feel It in your gut it's true. Attention whores are even worse, don’t be like the rest of the morons validating these worthless girls. Following them around, agreeing with every full retard statement she says. They don’t like you they like the attention. Dozens of men hit on these types because they are the easiest to [email protected] In most cases this is true. Girls like this always put themselves on display sometimes for attention. But most often looking for the right guy to hook up with. The photos are to show the guy she wants that she’s sexy. Those guys you rarely see liking their photos. And if she has a boyfriend or husband and still putting herself on display. RUN. Stay far away, shes a hoe. She’s posting these single ladies' photos for a reason. I know this because I went through a few like this. Girls with boyfriends looking for guys to have fun with. Even if it's only a few pics I’d still cut them off, I date the ones with very little to no social media presence. 5. Talent-less & worthless They have nothing going on for themselves but for their job. Take away their appearance, Instagram and other accounts what do they have to offer? Now for the attractive women; remove their accounts. what do they have going on for themselves? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s the sad truth that guys often forget. Why would anyone who has things going on for themselves be on social media all day? The girls working hourly jobs with no real plans for success are 9 out 10 times worthless. But on social media there mini-celebrities wannabe Instagram models. In there head they have so much going on for themselves. I applaud the ones who make a career from social media pics. At least they learned to apply it. For the rest, they often forget the fact they flip Krabby patties for a living. They forget they can barely afford rent, car payments, insurance, in debt, bill steady pilling. But they’re on social media daily, seeking any attention they can get. Their life revolves around swiping there card, painting there face for attention and a few moments of fame. These are the ones that are usually confused as to why they're still where they are in life 5, 10 years later. Never taking the time to explore their talents and perfect there skills if they have any. They're worthless, they’ll be there months, and years from now still posting photos; seeking any attention they can get. What's funny is that even though they have nothing going on. There’s never a shortage of low-value guys slipping in there DM’s, commenting, and liking their photos. These guys are even worse and I cut them off as well. I cut all that shit off there extremely unproductive in life.
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