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2022 Hummer resurrects with an 11500lb-ft EV by kodoninja 1 year ago | Car |  (#hummer #ev #eletric #newhummer #h4)
000 2022 Hummer resurrects with an 11500lb-ft EV
You heard right Hummer is making a triumphant return to markets in 2022, since its departure in 2009. It’s been over a decade since GM’s last Hummer installment; the H3. The new Hummer EV seems to be under the GMC label. A brand is known for its superior builds, high performance, and precision vehicles.Although we don’t know much about the super truck, we’ll take a look at what we do know. Comparing it against the most hyped vehicles coming. What we do know:Comparing popular EV’sVehicleHummer EVTesla CybertruckRivian RITBollinger B2Horsepower1,000HPn/a750HP614HPTorque11,500 lb-ftn/a829 lb-ft668 lb-ftSpeed: 0-603 seconds6.5/ 4.5/ 2.9 seconds3 seconds4.5 secondsWhat we don’t know:Range?250+/ 300+/ 500+400+200Motor?Single/ Dual/ TriQuadDualTowing?7,500/ 10,000 / 14,00011,0005,0001 – 7,500Price?$39,900 - $69,900$69,000$125,000The big stand out that will capture most headlines is that insane 11,500 lb-ft of torque. I believe this should be taken with a grain of salt. This would be wheel torque multiplied by a drive ratio multiplied through all the drive and gear ratios. An honest answer can be pulled from the electric motor which I believe should be a combined 1,000 – 1,200 lb-ft of torque. This is a more accurate estimate given the 1,000HP which equates to 4 motors (250HP) in each wheel.Hummer enthusiasts and life long fans have always remained supportive as Hummer’s brand popularity slowly crawled back into the spotlight. A brand formally is known for its excessive gas usage, size, and symbol of wealth. It still has a cult following that has only been growing. I planned to get both my Hummers converted over to a Hybrid eventually. Conversion kits and other companies are converting more and more large vehicles over proving this market is in high demand.It was recently reported that GM will pump life back into its Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant; With a $2.2 billion investment this year in 2020. It appears that this will be a completely dedicated plant geared towards the manufacturing of electric vehicles. Also May 20th of this year it plans to do a further unveiling of this now highly anticipated vehicle. Lebron James has featured in a 30 second TV spot with the super truck this super bowl. This is exciting to hear that GM is betting the majority of its chips on the Hummer brand.Although we’ve only seen the grill of the truck thus far it is telling us quite a bit. The Hummer brand name seems to be fully visible with a futuristic look. A look that captures the essence of the Hummer. It appears to have lighting effects indicating the truck could feature a resounding amount of tech with its luxury line up.Now the question for me is; which do I choose? Hummer EV or Tesla Cyber Truck
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